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Chloe Unveils Ally - Perfume Necklace

Bringing fashion and beauty together with this concrete Eau de parfum necklace by Chloe which has been named 'Ally' it's a gorgeous-gorgeous example of classic style. I absolutely love it, the simple shape and the shining sterling silver material - I can just imagine how nicely it would sit on the décolletage. 

The fragrance is made up of a magnolia, peony top notes blended with deeper base notes of honey-toned amber and cedar wood. It's been described as a floral fragrance rather than a sexy fragrance so it's suitable for day to wear whether that be at work, weekend or play. 

How much would you expect to pay for this? This is where I was shocked - at the price. I easily presumed this would be around the £80+ but it's only £45. That's crazy amazing. This would make an excellent gift but could you part with it? 

You can check it out over on the Chloe website HERE

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  1. Hi I am thinking about purchusing this did you get it yet? Is it worth the money? And not to heavy to wear around the neck?


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