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Christmas: Betty & Betts Accessories

I have just come across Betty and Betts and wowzers if you adore colour and leather accessories this brand is going to hit the spot. Christmas list people's C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s!

Betty & Betts offer bags, purses and card holders but it's their back story that really held my interest. Jojo Blythen and Tanya Clarke are two English girls that actually met in Bangalore; overwhelmed by the poverty and hardship around them they hatched a plan to create a business that would build a future for the people around them to prosper - it seemed that without this boost they would have just been lost in the poverty of Bangalore. They also wanted to create a company that offered the customer something a little bit different. 

Betty and Betts are definitely a Fairtrade company, having registered with the WFTO I personally would describe the brand as a karmic fashion brand that should be on everyone's radar. 

So what do they sell? Here take a peek...

Those colours just get me every time. These are some of my top picks, chosen for their colours, shapes and that soft buttery leather.

Plum Coin Purse - (top right) This costs £28 and is essential for stashing your coins, receipts and the usual knick-knacks us ladies store away. 

Small Plum Leather Satchel - (top of page) £125. Perfect for holding your phone, purse and make-up bag and hitting the town. 

Emerald Wallet - (top of page) £70. I love that this zips, I am one of those ladies who suffer through change falling out the teeny corner in fold over wallets. 

Gold ID Card Holder - (bottom left) £22. While this may not be everyone's cup of tea, my husband and I both use card holders (no credit cards though - bad credit cards), the gold is just so pretty. 

Rich Red Shoulder Bag - (top left) £145 This is my all-time favourite, it's perfect in every way. 

Teal Upright Tote - (bottom right) £189. The perfect carryall for work or play. 

While these aren't everyday purchases they are great investment pieces. These pieces just won't go out of fashion and when you purchase a good leather piece be it a handbag, jacket or even a couch if it's looked after, it will always look better with age. 

Take a peek at their gorgeous buttery leather pieces HERE. I've popped the red shoulder bag on my wishlist *sigh* 


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