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Chocolate and Love || Tasty Chocolate Bars

Chocolate is a major weakness of mine I like any type especially if it's made with real ingredients rather than synthetics. Chocolate and Love are one brand that really sets itself apart in the chocolate world. On the outside they look very ethnic and bohemian I seriously adore the wrapper designs. Design aside this company really are something special. 

They are certified organic, contains no GMO's, include no colouring agents and are gluten-free. Not many companies can say they tick each of these boxes. The three flavours pictured above are: 

Orange Mantra | Sicilian orange oil extract combined with dark chocolate to create the perfect orange bar. 

Minted | Won a gold star in the Great Taste Awards 2013. Perfectly dark chocolate complemented perfectly with natural mint oil. 

Filthy Rich | 71% cocoa solids. Premium quality cocoa combined with cane sugar and vanilla. This bar has a deep and intense flavour with fruity notes. 
Eating this chocolate it tastes smooth, creamy even without the chemical sweet taste. The mint is fresh and the orange is sweet and sharp. Each of the flavours works exceptionally well with the dark solids and the best thing; these bars are most definitely affordable. 

So why would a beauty and fashion blogger feature chocolate bars on her blog? Because chocolate can make us happy, chocolate can reduce depression and chocolate can make our inner beauty shine. Chocolate and in particular the Chocolate and Love brand make excellent gifts; as apart of my Christmas Countdown I urge you to consider this brand as a gifting idea. 

Each bar costs only £3.49 there are also an array of delightful flavours such as the ones above, Crushed Diamonds, Coffee Affair and Sweet Sea to name a few. You can check out over on the Chocolate and Love website or, go visit them on their Facebook. 


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