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Christmas: Coca-Cola Lip Smacker

Christmas is coming I'm just waiting for the Coke advert to hit the TV to really signify crimbo's finally here. I adore Yule time and my tree is always decorated eclectically, different baubles, ornaments and various colours all causing a pretty mish-mash. I use to love decorating the tree when I was little pulling out the ornaments and thinking of little back stories to each piece, it was all very exciting and it's the same reason why I don't stick to a particular theme or colour palette now. 

There are a few brands releasing little bauble sized gifts which I think are genius, so cute and I honestly want them all for the novelty value alone. Lip Smacker's are also offering this cute little tree decoration too which has me all excited because I adore their Dr Pepper lip gloss from Primark so much . 

It's just so retro and iconic looking, did you know that Coca-Cola actually invented the image of how we perceive Santa to be today? the jolly smiling fat man with the red coat and white hair and beard - yep that was all thank to Cocoa-Cola. 

This is the Cola Mistletoe Kisses and it features a heart-shaped lip balm, the packaging allows you to string it up on the tree or of course you can just whip open that baby and get that yummy cola taste on your lips, prior to kissing your loved one under the mistletoe (or anywhere for that matter). 

These cost £3 and are available at various places including Sainsbury's HERE


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