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Christmas Countdown || Chloe Fragrances

Sometimes the best things are things that have been around for a while. Take for example these two Chloe fragrances, having been around since 2008 - 2009 (apparently) they remain firm favourites in the fragrance world. Chloe always pulls out new notes and new blends and they change things up so they remain current. But, for me personally it's always been the Eau de Parfum and its counterparts that have stood out. 

I chose these two as a Christmas gift idea because of the notes in each of them as well as the packaging. They look elegant, expensive but still remain a classic option. The original Chloe Eau de Parfum is a 'smooth and radiant bouquet of roses with a velvety heart interlaced with the floral notes of magnolia and lily of the valley'  The Chloe you see below is the Eau de Parfum version. 
The original version was described as:

'An enchanting and imperial rose. Its generous accord embellishes the Chloe woman with a sensual and feminine fragrant trail. Sparkling pink pepper head notes caressed by sandalwood and tonka bean tinge this with the oriental accents needed to refine, intrigue and allure'. 

Whoa! I'm crushing on a perfume description, it reminds me of the M&S adverts, that voice-over could seriously make pie and mash look high class. It's the packaging that makes this so special, the elegant bottle that's cuddled in silver embellishments with a deep grey ribbon. It's such a simple packaging method I mean who would have thought a square glass with a bit of ribbon would look so sensual and feminine? I mean there's no pink here at all! 
If the original version isn't your cup of tea then have you considered the Eau de Parfum Intense? The Intense in the same was as the original is a rose based fragrance but rather than highlighting the floral notes the Intense fragrance has been made to be more seductive and elegant. It contains floral powdery notes with hints of peony, lychee and freesia. It's the amber and cedarwood base however that lends itself to the natural seductive qualities. 

I've always been more of an Intense woman rather than a classic and I just can't say no to a good amber base. The bottle just like it's predecessor is square with the silver embellishments and ribbon but this time, the tones including the ribbon all merge together giving it a night time, warm and attractive appeal. 

You can pick up these Chloe fragrances from all good perfume stores and of course online. Prices vary depending on where you shop but I can recommend these Chloe perfumes if you're stuck come Crimbo shopping time. 


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