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Christmas Countdown || Testing the John Adams Domino Express Twister

OK, so the Christmas Countdown series has begun. Not sure what the Christmas Countdown is? well let me tell you some more. 

There are 108 days left until the fat man visits. I know how it feels having three children to buy for as well as my own family,  the stress that comes with choosing the right gifts, keeping on budget, picking gifts that will actually benefit the receiver and financially managing it all within the few weeks that we have is STRESSFUL. 

My Christmas countdown series is basically here to take away that stress away so you can enjoy Crimbo to it's fullest, the series will show you some options for your friends and family members as well as testing out as many products as possible so you can really see if they are or aren't worth the money. How many times have you purchased a hyped product only for it to break within a week or so or it to get chucked into the back of the toy cupboard? 

I've roped in my three boys and of course Hubster to help me with this series, there's no-one better than a child to test out a child's toy similarly having Hubster test and review the men's gifts is going to so much better than a woman doing it. 

Up for review is the John Adams Domino Express Twister set. This range actually consists of four variations, the Vertigo (£8.99) which is made up of 60 dominoes, the Twister (£12.99) which is the one we have which is made up of 80 dominoes and finally the Duel (£19.99) which is made up of 150 dominoes and finally the X-Treme (£29.99) which has a crazy 180 dominoes in the set. 

You basically have ready-built components such as stairs, tracking and the fun loops. You then have a variety of coloured dominoes that you can stick crazy faces on to - Cooper loved doing this he was literally hee-hawing with laughter. 

It's then up to the imagination of your child as to how they want to set up their rally. We opted for a very basic version due to setting it up on the carpet, I don't advise setting it up on soft surfaces here's why... 


Overall Domino Express Twister was a MAJOR hit and we've played this every day at least 3-4 days. He continually asks to re-build it and yes it can take him a while but seeing the amazement on his face when they all go down (correctly) is awesome. 

It doesn't take batteries, it doesn't make noise and it can be played over and over without breaking or requiring you to spend more money on 'game packs' or additional parts. It's really a win-win for all, plus its so much fun and gives you a fab opportunity to spend quality time with the kiddos having fun. 

Simply the best £12.99 spent and this is passing our Christmas Countdown quality test. Suitable for boys, girls or grown-up kiddos. You can pick up these Domino sets from a variety of stores such as Argos, Smyths Toys, and hey even Tesco's!   


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