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Christmas | Wavelines Jewellery

I recently came across Wavelines and had to blog about them. I love a chic necklace and at the moment wear my Sphere of Life Daisies necklace every day but there comes a time when you just need to change things up a bit. 

Wavelines are a family run business that creates these gorgeous wave pendants using stainless steel, bronze, brass and Nappa leather. The first wave in the collection is called 'Rosie' and there is also a new pendant and bracelet set ready for launching on October 1st.

I also wanted to feature this brand not only because they are unique products but because they would make excellent gifting ideas for Christmas. My aim is to take/reduce the stress that comes from shopping around for gifts for you guys, so you will see a lot of gift-able products on the blog over the next few months. 

I can just imagine how this would sit on the decolletage, I really like the rose colours of the brass also so would most probably opt for the bronze or brass variations just to change up my accessories. 

Ther are three lengths to hang your pendant on and you can choose from silver pearl, bronze, and dark brown leathers; the sizes are 18'', 28'' and 36'' The super long 36'' would look amazing don't you think combined with other necklaces this would be the perfect layering addition to any wardrobe. 

You can check out the Wavelines products over on their website HERE.  


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