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Cosmetic Ingredients | A is For....

I wanted to start an a-z series on cosmetics and the ingredients they're made from. I fully believe we are what we 'eat' and that includes everything we put into our bodies - bath products, make-up, sprays, food, and drinks. 

Some brands tout their products as being 'natural' others get away with hiding certain ingredients by simply popping 'parfum' onto their ingredient list. The way I see it the better informed you are then the easier you will find it to improve your health when you need it, to understand why you have dry skin, that rash that came out of the blue, poor immune function or even constant thrush infections (yes really). 

Taking it easier today to break you guys in, I'm starting off with A. The list includes three long-winded named ingredients that are commonly found, they all sound scary but don't judge an ingredient based on how tough it is to pronounce. 

Here have a little read... 
Alpha Hydroxy Acids AHA

AHA's are positive cosmetic ingredients and are naturally derived from fruit and sugar cane. I know it can be tough realising which ingredients are beneficial and which are detrimental to your health but AHA's are beneficial in small amounts. 

You can find this ingredient in cleansers, exfoliants, serums and night creams. It works by gently exfoliating away dead skin cells and reviving tired and dull skin types.  AHA's are naturally derived from sugar cane and fruit and are positive ingredients. 

Found in brands such as Etat Pur, REN, Medik8, ZIRH and Paula's Choice. 
Ascorbic Acid 

Vitamin C is an excellent ingredient for the skin, most people know this. Did you know that Ascorbic Acid is basically Vitamin C wrapped up in a fancy name? It's a great antioxidant, it fights environmental damage and free radicals. 

Ascorbic acid is an essential part of collagen production and it works by plumping your skin and making it supple, it also repairs cells and plays a major part in maintaining healthy blood vessels, teeth, gums, and bones. 

Typically found in anti-ageing cosmetics, sunscreens, moisturisers and skin-lightening products. It's excellent for hyperpigmentation and dark spots that come with sun damage, age or health problems. 

Found in quite a few brands such as The Body Shop, Medik8, Etat Pur, and Mario Badescu. 

Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex GLY

While the other two A ingredients are beneficial Aluminium Zirconium Trichlorohydrex (what a mouthful) is the baddie in this lineup. 

Typically found in deodorants and antiperspirants it works by stopping sweat for a few hours by coating the sweat glands. Think of it as lots of mini plugs for your pits... gross I know. 

There have been concerns that this ingredient can cause your risk of getting breast cancer and Alzheimer's Disease to increase. Organisations such as Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer's Society support these claims - in my opinion when the big dogs support it do you really want to risk your health? 

GLY is also what causes those nasty yellow underarm stains that simply don't ever wash out. Brands such as Sure contain these nasties. 

What do you make of those ones? they are some of the more positive or less scary ingredients further down the line you will meet some nasties believe me. 

At least you can now say that's your learn one new thing done for today. 


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