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Cult 51 || Forget The Botox

Huge waiting list, used by celebrities such as Mylene Klass and Kelly Brook it's fair to say that Cult 51 hit the ground running upon their release this year. So what makes Cult 51 so different, what makes people crave this particular product? 

Here are ten amazing claims to start you off: 
  • Cell production is increased by 25%.
  • Protects against oxidative stress and premature ageing.
  • Evens skin tone.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 52% within 28 days. 
  • Increases oxygen uptake in the skin by 45%.
  • Promotes cell collagen production. 
  • Reduces eye puffiness. 
  • Instantly lifts and firms the skin. 
  • Helps prevent hyperpigmentation. 
  • Promotes the skin's natural healing ability. 
I really wanted to test this out before blogging a review; over the last few weeks, I've really been quite hard on this cream. Again I applied this in the evening after coming out of the bath. I applied it in the same way you would any night cream but focused particularly on my problematic areas; my hyper-pigmented areas under my eyes and at the top of my forehead, my dark under-eye area and my irregular toned chin and nose. 

Here is my lusciously packaged Cult 51 cream. It really is as dreamy as it looks in the photo. 

The cream comes packaged in a gorgeous square box, peeping inside you will see the jar firmly slotted into place in the centre. The jar looks and feels expensive due to its sleek design and glass jar. The cream resembles a creamy milky thick buttery-cream, it's off white and unlike any other high street cream that I've used. The scent I cannot place - I even asked my cousin what she thought and we both agree it smells 'warm' like the tumble dryer scent which smells warm but not in the same way a cinnamon or chilli scent would do. 

When I first tested out the cream it felt like my face had been hugged. Sounds corny I know, my skin can feel dry and raw 'sometimes' but upon application, I kind of had an 'ah' moment. I didn't think anything of it and kept on with my serious testing of this product. 

In the first week, I was surprised to find my skin tone was definitely becoming softer and more evenly toned. My hyperpigmentation marks had started to fade and when I would wake up in the morning my skin was no longer oily around my t-zone and dry on my cheeks. Going through menopause my skin is pretty problematic and I do find the oiliness in the morning a real problem but it had stopped within 1 week of using this every night. 

Two weeks in I could definitely place Cult 51 as being the main driving force for combating my irregular skin type, and for enabling it to become calmer and more 'normal'. It was still soft, supple and didn't seem to dry out throughout the day either. What surprised me is that it's easy to say 'I think it was this product that done x,y or z' but Cult 51 actually did provide me with clear visual changes - there was no 'what if's' 

While the cream may not be in everyone's price range what I would say is that, if you're at the point where you know your skin needs 'something' you're starting to contemplate Botox or fillers or even physical surgery - don't. Try out Cult 51, it tightens, balances and definitely works at mending any skincare issues you may have. This cream has 51 benefits (hence the 51 part of the name) you can read more about the benefits and purchase over on the Cult 51 from their website HERE


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