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Customised Kicks & Fit Inspiration

I am trying to get fit and healthy but to be honest I'd rather get teeth pulled at the dentists. It's not that I'm lazy it's just I'm so weak and it hurts and I hate that 'uuugh' feeling, I'm also super impatient, I want results but I want them yesterday sort of thing. 

So while considering a new healthy eating plan and specific exercises I ended up procrastinating over on the Nike website. Nike ID I love it! you get to design your own custom kicks *yay* 

I've done the whole white base with splotches of colour and then thought hmmm how awesome would a clashing shabby chic style Nike look? Here's the result of that...

While I like them, I'm not in love with them. I'm feeling that they may need some more white in their somehow? maybe the tick? maybe the laces? I'm not sure? 

What I have realised is that if you feel positive before starting something it definitely makes doing things easier and more enjoyable. I decided to stick with my yoga for now, the diet aspect well I'm waiting to hear where my thyroids at. I feel like I've eaten as healthy as possible, yoga my butt-off and nada, apparently it's common if your thyroids out of whack. Until I get those results I plan to wait but I've been hearing excellent reviews of the 5:2 diet. 

Ultimately I don't want to 'diet' I have a stone and a bit to lose to get me back into a healthy BMI and shift the weight that was gained from my thyroid so I really want to sort out an action plan - a change in eating habits if you will. I also really want to get the allergy testing done as I tend to react (puff up especially) to certain vegetables and additives which I know is not going to help. If you know of any reliable places that offer that service please let me know lovelies. 

Also if you have any 'fit inspirational' tips, tricks or well anything Tweet me or comment below. Also if you have a weighted story or anything focused on eating and exercise please feel free to email me with your proposed guest blog outline lovelies. 


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