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Essie Fall Collection

OK, I've actually re-considered my love-hate relationship with metallics after testing out the low-cost 2true brand polish. I saw these and thought YES! I need to give these a whirl especially the second and third polishes from the left. 

This is the Essie Fall Collection which is nothing like what you'd expect from an autumn collection, the colours are very summer with a dampened tone which I actually prefer. Inspired by fabrics and textures seen on the runway this collection is the best way of saying goodbye to the summer and hello to the autumn and ultimately chillier weather. 

There are six gorgeous polish shades in this collection: 

After School Boy Blazer - Deep blue-black shade
Cashmere Bathrobe - Grey
Vested Interest - Classic grey
Twin Sweater Set - This is one of two 'brights' and is a juicy metallic crimson red. 
The Lace is On - Bright pearlescent fuchsia
For The Twill Of It - Rich brown with reflective olive shimmer.

I really love this collection, I actually feel quite giddy and excited so will definitely be trying these out. I love that they're not conventional autumnal tones but at the same time are very warm and cosy - I'm all about the warm and cosy. 

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