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Face Mapping - Know Your Spots, Fix Your Health

Facial mapping - what the heck is it? 

The skin on your body including your face shows signs of poor health, stress and how the body functions. You see one of your friends who's as sick as a dog and the first thing you might say is 'oh goodness you look ill' the skin may be pale, clammy and spotted with dark shadows, they may have breakouts along their chin or boils popping up on their nose. Either way, the skin is screaming 'I'm ill or struggling to help me'. 

Facial mapping is when you look at the areas on the face like a map to judge what's going on internally. Knowing what each area means allows you to fix the problems before it becomes a major problem. It also allows you to treat yourself internally to fix yourself externally rather than slapping some chemicals on and not really mending the original issue. 

The facial mapping may be the simplest and easiest way of 'hearing' what your body and skin are trying to tell you, you learn how to read what your cat or dog's telling you so why not your own body? There are 14 zones within the face which I've marked out on my mug up the top of this post. The numbers on the outside relate to my ears which are hidden (FYI). 

Here's the key: 
  • Zone 1 & 3 (Forehead) - This relates to the bladder & digestive system. Spots or changes here indicate you need to improve your bodies elimination. Making changes to your diet such as eating more fiber, eating less stodge and decreasing the amount of sugar should improve this pretty quickly. 
  • Zone 2 (Between eyes) - This relates to liver function. Poor liver function due to medications, food allergies such as lactose and gluten as well as drinking too much all show up here. Of course drinking more water, cutting back on the alcohol and keeping a food diary to check for allergies is the easiest way to sort this area out. 
  • Zone 4 & 10 (Ears) - This area relates to the kidney's of all placed. If your ears feel hot, stingy or have pimples then you need to make sure you're reducing your stress and cutting down on caffeine. Light exercise, taking time to 'relax' or going for a walk are all great options.  
  • Zone 5 & 9 (Cheeks) - This relates to the respiratory system. Pimples, broken capillaries and congestion all show here, usually signs show due to smoking, asthma or poor respiratory, especially after an illness. Herbal tea, yoga, and exercise increase your lung capacity which improves your respiratory system. 
  • Zone 6 & 8  (Temples/Eyes) - Another kidney related area. This time it's relating to the dehydrating effects of the kidneys rather than stress. This is a no-brainer, drink more fluids. Keep in mind if your mum and grandmother all had excessively dark rings then chances are it may be hereditary. 
  • Zone 7 (Nose) - This is an important area as it relates to the heart. This can signify elevated blood pressure which can be from poor health, diabetes or thyroid problems as well as poor cardiovascular function. Diet changes are a MUST, get your blood pressure checked at your doctors and make sure you get some light exercise in the meantime... 
  • Zone 12 (Chin) -  This area relates to the stomach and bowels. Sluggish bowel movements, excessive gas, and poor digestive health and diet all affect this area. Firstly seek help if you feel you have any bowel problems such as IBS or Colitis. Improving your diet, drinking more fluids and taking antacids all help, try drinking peppermint tea or even green tea to improve movement and digestive health. 
  • Zones 11 & 13 (Lips/Sides of Chin) - This area relates to hormones and genitals. Hormonal imbalance, thrush, genital health and ovulation all show here but funnily so does dental health. If you have spots on one side rather than the other then that's the side you're ovulating from, dental problems or a lot of dental work also leaves you prone to getting spots in this area, treating them with spot products and seeking help to get your hormones in check will benefit you in the long run.   
  • Zone 14 (Throat & Neck) - relates to illness, bacterial infections and hydration and dehydration.
So now that you're in the know what is your face trying to tell you? Mine's pretty on the ball in terms of where they're located and where my spots are (I'm looking at your forehead and chin!)


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