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Fibro Review: Better You Vitamin Sprays

I posted a personal truth post about my struggle with having Fibromyalgia, I also mentioned that I would be posting some thoroughly tested product reviews that aim to ease the symptoms that come with this horrible condition. If you missed the post you can check it out here. 

I'm still thoroughly testing the magnesium products so I will be following up on that, these three sprays showed results pretty quickly and I couldn't wait to let you know about them -  there's one especially that's AMAZING and I've literally been carrying it around telling everyone I come across all about it. My cousin also suffers from similar conditions to what I do and she also loved it. 

The three sprays are: 

  • DLux Daily Vitamin D (£7.96) - Helps bones, teeth and a ton of other symptoms. One spray delivers 3000iu of Vit D. 
  • B12 Boost (£11.95) - Boosts your energy, reducing tiredness, fatigue and concentration. This product contains green tea extract, Vitamin B12 and Chromium. 
  • MultiVit 25ml (£9.95) - Contains an amazing 14 nutrients with 1 spray. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, B3, B5, B6, B7, C, Iodine, K1, Selenium, Folic Acid, D3 

Most multivitamins and minerals taste disgusting, I even took to chewing down the kiddies sweetie versions which were really no good because well, I'm an adult. I've tried expensive branded ones to shop own brand and time and time again they were either huge or tasted like beef *yuck* 

When reviewing these (and any vitamin and mineral products) I focus on a few aspects, those are: 

1. Does it taste palatable? 
2. Is it going to be easy to take over long periods of time? 
3. Is it working? 
4. Are the benefits worth the expense or do I need to keep looking? 

So... are they any good? The answer is hell yes! I have never and I seriously mean never come across any vitamins, supplements or minerals that are so easy to take, work and taste so bloomin' great. The DLux Vitamin D is taken once per day and tastes like mild mint, the MultiVit tastes a little bit like Innocent Smoothie then changes to a sweet taste which tastes fine; the B12 Boost - wowsers this is like a guardian angel in a spray bottle. 

First off it tastes amazing like sweet papaya, you can take it 4 times per day and it's simply sprayed under the tongue which makes it very fast acting. One of the main issues with my conditions other than the pain, of course, is the extreme bone-crushing fatigue and narcoleptic tendencies. 

This works! it won't make you feel all hyped up and it won't make you feel ill or buzzing. What it will do is make your eyes and body go from all sleepy and heavy back to normal within 5 minutes. That is pretty amazing. I've tried coffee (espresso even), caffeine tablets, prescribed tablets and eating a raw diet, blowing a cold fan in my face, splashing my face with ice water and drinking a ton of water - nothing worked for any more than a minute or two, this does and I feel like I've regained my afternoon once again. 

There are no side effects with these supplement sprays, I feel an inner positivity that I've not felt in ages and although it's too early to tell what the benefits are long-term by taking these (in regards to pain and memory etc) I will update you as and when I know more. If you suffer from ANY condition that causes fatigue or tiredness then I urge you to purchase the B12 Boost for sure, being able to function without feeling like you're wadding through water or a thick cloud is amazing. 


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  1. I've not heard of these, although I think I probably have seen them in passing at the health food store. Sounds like the Vit B is worth a shot.

    1. Apologies Julie I didn't get the notification for your comment. The Vitamin B12 is amazing, I've found it's my must have product to get me through the day as it helps when my fatigue plays up or my energy starts to flag. I definitely recommend it and I've since purchased another so I don't run out. X

  2. This is one f the post I had tagged to respond to and totally forgot - call it an MS moment. My cognition is shot these days think I need to rack up my omega 3 intake to boost it lol the vitamin D spray is the best on the market. Due to how the body processes vitamin D taking it in this way maximises absorption and gives you greater benefits that tablet forms. I have been taking it for about a year now on the recommendation of Jan de Vries - lovely man, I meet him in my local health store where he was doing a book signing

    B12 I have normal levels but it is thought that supplements help with fatigue even if you are not deficient. My neurologist has prescribed me a b12 jab once a month as a boost and I'm convinced it helps, have got out of sync due to problems getting appt at HC to have it done and when I leave it to the 5th or 6th week notice the decline in energy, painful tired legs and nerve ending pain is increased

    1. Hey lovely, I agree my Vit D3 was always non-existant (about 14 I think) my body doesn't make it like normal which of course affects the immune system. When I started these I was given a vit d3 test and within the week I was at 47 (3 below normal) which was incredible. I tried supplements and the NHS prescribed D3 but nothing worked other than this spray. The Vit B12 I found other supplements didn't do anything, how are you finding the jags? This spray however gets into the blood stream straight away and I definitely notice I go from feeling sleepy, confused at times and foggy to normal, clear and bright.

      I'm sorry you're having to go through this, I wish there was a cure I really do. Remember if you ever need a chat, moan or some virtual gentle hugs I'm here hunny. X


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