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Frankensteining My Dream Body

If you were given the option of choosing your own body parts, moulding them into the perfect shape, colour, length and tone; who would you choose as your inspiration? While I'm pretty happy in my own skin I knew exactly who I would choose for each area. If I was given the option of painlessly making these changes would I do it? heck yes to certain area. 

I'm not someone who advocates cosmetic surgery, I think ageing naturally is a beautiful thing and I'd much rather treat a problem holistically or by working my butt off. There comes a time when you may need a helping hand and I think as far as I would go would be non-invasive treatments. There's one that I'm actually considering called 'Shrinking Violet Wrap' which induces lipolysis within the area treated - it works in the same way as the non-invasive lipo. 

I really have no problems with people opting to go for cosmetic surgery, my only problem personally was the risk aspect. Being a totally over-protective (yep I put my hands up proudly to this) mummy I couldn't justify getting an operation and not coming out the other end, believe me I was given the option of having a tummy tuck which I debated but turned down. 

So, if you had the option of changing each area who would be your inspiration? would you choose a friend, family member, co-worker or celebrity? Here's my picks. 

Jessica Biel's (Mrs Timberlake) luscious lips. Her natural fullness and equal lip size looks so pretty, I'd love to swatch on some postbox red on to those bad-boys. 

Her hair was the highlight of the tennis wasn't it. I think there was even a Twitter page set up for it (some people really need to get out more). I love how soft it is, natural and classic looking but it's the epitome of health and I want it badly. 

Megan Fox's hair colour looks glossy and bewitching. My hairs naturally dark blonde, I have Cara Delevigne style dark eyebrows that use to be equally bushy but I hated it. This lead me to dying my hair an array of colours finally settling on dark brown. The problem though is that I dye my hair dark brown, black at times even and within the week it's faded to light brown or takes on a red tinge. I want glossy natural looking darkest brown hair. 

Guiliana Ranci is a goddess. She's so lean and lithe and reminds me of a Bratz doll (in a good way). Her arms are toned, smooth but not muscley which is exactly what I'm looking for. 

Nina Dobrev is an action girl who loves yoga, it's only natural that her legs are toned and shapely. I would love slender legs but still retain the shape without them looking too ripped. 

I LOVE HER - I LOVE HER - I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Her style that is, it's so kooky, comfortable and feminine without being dowdy, the pieces she chooses suit her personality to a tee and Hubster says my personality is similar to hers so surely I should be rocking her style? (kooky, nerdy with random duh moments). 

Emma Stone is another major girl crush of mine - I do love a good comedy girl. You never see her splashed over the worst dressed pages or websites as her style is pretty but classic. She let's the lines of her clothing work for her rather than overdoing it with the embellishments and craziness. 

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