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Georgia Louise Lift & Sculpt Stone

I am a major holistic buff I really am. I wanted to get that out of the way so you know where my point may be coming from. As you read this you may be thinking 'She's going to love this and completely sell the ass out of it' if that's what you thought you're not completely correct here's why. 

This 'Lift and Sculpt' butterfly stone will be released in October which is perfect timing for us complementary -holism chicks to jump on the bandwagon, what with Halloween/Guy Fawkes/Mabon/Samhain (you get the drift) eeking into our lives and making us very at one with the earth and such. 

The butterfly is made using rose quartz which is an absolutely amazing generic crystal. Its uses are typically for love, romance, calming and soothing - it's a great all-rounder and basically works at soothing the mind, body and spirit in a gentle manner, it's a very feminine stone as it assists with fertility, PMS, menstrual problems and well, anything hormonal. An elixir (liquid tincture type medication) of rose quartz helps to draw out impurities while balancing the heart chakra, boosting circulation and helping to expel toxins in the circulatory system - Great, isn't it? 

So why wouldn't I think that this product was the bee's knees? At first, I did, I thought it was a great way to connect the materialistic beauty world with the complementary world. I thought the packaging was fantastic because most brands go typically 'hippy' or ethnic. Overall this product is a fantastic concept and idea. 

The only thing that stops me from fully pushing this product (not that I would push it) is that it's gimmicky. Yes, it does a heap of positive things but then so do standard rose quartz tumble stones, palm stones, cut angels, tear-drops etc. You can see where I'm going with this can't you? No? OK maybe you will totally get it when I say a tumble stone will cost you in the region (on average) 50p to a pound or so, a palm stone would cost you say £5 because it's large and smooth. This Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone is simply a cut rose quartz, just like the tumble, just like the palm, they all have the same benefits, they all have the cooling effect on the skin and they all have the same edges (sort of) that can be used to get into the nooks and crannies of the face - This butterfly, however, will set you back £29. 

Ta-da! do you see what my irk was? 

Don't let my thriftiness stop you from getting your shop on though, if you want to check it out on its release you can do so by visiting the Georgia Louise website HERE

What do you make of it? 


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