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Get Pink Hair with Label.M

Pink hair or what I call 'unicorn hair' went through a mega-surge in popularity over the last quarter, although that surge has started to wane - personally I still adore pink and lilac shades. I would totally have gone the full pink route but didn't think my hair could withstand the strong bleach out. 

Label.M, however, are launching their official London Fashion Week product which will be - Powder Pink Spray! Basically, you spray in the powder for a temporary soft pink look which can simply be washed out as and when suits you and your mood. 

It will be rolled out at Toni & Guy and Essensuals salons from September and globally from October. It will cost £9.95 which is really reasonable considering how much they really could have hiked this product up by. 

What do you think? is pink hair past it or will the trend end up being one of those invincible trends that never go out? I'm hoping it's the latter. All hail the unicorns and their awesome rainbow manes. 

You can find out more from the Label M website.


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