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Glamtech Unveils Genius Tweezers

Okies so maybe not 'genius' but these are pretty clever no? I am a huge die-hard Tweezerman fan, it takes a lot for me to even consider any other tweezers given the sheer amount of brands and pairs I've tried over the years - none of which lead me to give up my beloved Tweezerman's. 

These however, I kind of want to road test. They look like Tweezermans so maybe good. Ideally I would love to find an unknown or relatively small brand that work just as good or even better than Tweezerman but are cheaper. 

I have a few things I look for in a pair of tweezers. 

  1. Slightly slanted tip. 
  2. Slightly brushed metal on the tip to ensure good grip. 
  3. A good width to each 'leg' I want to ensure my chubby digits fit on each side easily. 
So not too fussy then. These Glamtech's seem to have everything I'm looking for with the genius addition of the eyebrow brush on the end. The whole product is made from surgical steel so you know their going to pull and grip the hairs easily and effectively and are priced £6 which is a bargain. 

You can check these out over on their website HERE. I'm not sure if they are stocked elsewhere to be honest but it's worth doing a Google search to check.  


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