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GlowwBox Beauty Box Aimed at Coloured Skin Tones Hits The UK.

Beauty boxes love them or hate them you can't help but become intrigued when there's  word of a new one doing the rounds - GlowwBox is one of those boxes. It's not yet fully launched but when it does it will cost £15 per month and like other boxes on the market, feature products from emerging and world-renowned brands. 

No idea of the brands or what to expect really which is irksome, I know I don't like parting with my hard-earned unless I know what I'm actually buying. Also no ideas on how many products or if they are full or trial sized? Word on the street is that the box will contain sample and travel sized products but I can't promise that's what it's going to contain. 

What's not clearly stated is that the GlowwBox is aimed at UK ladies of colour so if it contains make-up it may not specifically be suitable for porcelain skin tones, I would imagine the box would be still available for anyone to purchase though it's just if you get a darker shade don't say you weren't pre-warned. 

What I do think is genius is that they are taking the initiative and giving consumers what they want and what's needed, there aren't any reliable beauty boxes for coloured skin tones which really isn't fair on consumers.

Creator and founder Jason Cameron decided to put together this service saying 'I was really frustrated that there wasn't a company in this part of the world that offered women of colour a full range of beauty products, not just hair care. Now there is.'

You can get your own subscription by heading over to the website HERE. Personally, I'm going to hold off until there are reviews, nope I'm not a lady of colour but I still appreciate a good eyeliner, hair care products, and skincare. 

What do you make of this beauty box? or the lack of info? 


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