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Good Things Five Minute Face Mask

This is what my months looking like. I adore Good Things skincare because they feel amazing, smell amazing and they've always benefited my hormonal skin outbreaks and craziness. I've tried the Ultra Rich Body Butter, Ultra Rich Creamy Scrub and the Blackhead Exfoliator in the past and re-purchased them also a couple of times this year. 

This is the Five Minute Facial Face Mask and it smells absolutely divine! fresh squeezed berries and juicy freshness is the only way I can describe it, unlike other brands the fragrance in the Good Things products smells real rather than synthetic. This range is made from super-fruits which boost the properties of the product and it's abilities, I'm guessing it's these super-fruits that make up a majority of the scent. 

Designed for younger skin types I personally feel that anyone can benefit from using this range. If you have crazy female skin, redness, blushing, blackheads, white heads, pimples and combination skin types then you're going to love it. If you don't have any of those issues I want proof! *haha* 

Ingredients included in this product are green clay and kaolin which draw out those nasties, I suppose in a similar manner to how Glamglow draw out nasties; avocado oil to moisturise, goji berry extract to soothe and willow bark extract to make your skin look radiant and glowing. You basically just apply a layer to the face and neck ensuring you don't apply it too close to the eyes and leave it for five minutes. 

Once the five minutes is up you can wash it off with warm water but I like to dampen it and give myself a little massage by making circular motions all over my face. I then wipe it off with warm water and splash my face with cold water to soothe and close those pores. 

I always feel clean, soothed and more normal when I use this mask. I'm not sure if it brightens my skin because I've always applied it at night before going to bed. What's extra fab about this range is not only that it performs very well but it's also really affordable. Most of the products cost £4.99 to £5.99 which is great value considering just how long each product lasts. 

You can purchase this product as well as other products in the range from Boots HERE and also in store. 


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