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Hey Cheeky!

Love Cowshed products? If you do then chances are you're going to love their new sister company 'Cheeky' which launches in October. 

Cheeky offers a range of cosmetics, haircare and body care products that are fun but not too in your face. Suited to all ages Cheeky is definitely a fun brand which is going to appeal to teens especially - There are a range of 21 nail paints which is pretty huge for a newly launched range, 14 scented body care products, haircare products and also cosmetics. 

Launching exclusively at Superdrug's the range includes fun products such as: 

  • Bright as a button dry body scrub (£10)
  • Smooth moves dry body oil (£10)
  • Dare to bare body balm (£10)
  • Bubble trouble shower mousse (£7) 
  • Flirt alert body mist (£10)
  • Unleash your locks shampoo (£7.50)
  • Loving your locks conditioner (£7.50)
  • Pump it styling plumping powder (£8)
  • Chat me up nail varnish (£7)

While it looks good, I always wonder just how well 'sister' brands shape up with their older counterparts. Would you pay these prices and is the range unique enough to become a huge success? Although I love Superdrug's, especially having grown up with it being the store I purchased most of my cosmetics from as a teen is a new brand going to thrive being sold in Superdrug's? It seems to have gone downhill 'slightly' with the increase in online sales and bargains. 

I hope it does well and I will try it out for sure, I love Cowshed so the nosey parker in me wants to see if it performs as well. The dubious side of me wonders is it just similar products in different packaging? 

I'll be sure to keep you posted with reviews and pictures as soon as it launches lovelies. What do you think of this Cheeky brand? 


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