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How To Wear Holograms

How to wear holograms

It's a tricky style to pull off I'm not going to lie but you can wear holograms if you are over sixteen I promise. First of all holograms with other metallics or glittery materials are a big no-no and can only ever be pulled off by a) someone with no style or b) someone with absolutely no body fat, lumps, bumps or hips. 

So how can you wear those delicious holographs? Treat your holograph prints as you would a pattern. Team the print with simple colours, well-cut pieces, and sharp shapes - this ensures you stay high class rather than child-like. 

When it comes to holo's you can dress it up or down. The Warehouse joggers at first glance (above) look black but they actually have a black holographic undertone. Add some wedged trainers or boots and a simple tee and you have holographic casual to a tee, similarly, you can do the same with the ASOS grey joggers with the holograph strip down the side. 

For a daywear look why not team up the stunning ASOS grey loose t-shirt dress with the purple holograph panels around the arms and hem with some patterned tights and ballet flats. Because the majority of that dress is made from the grey casual material you can easily pull off the pattern in the tights - I'd steer clear of accessories with that look, however. 

Want to go even more glam? Try teaming the Sass & Bide Wonderlust dress with a gorgeous clutch and some heels; either opt for no straps on the shoes as in Classic Louboutin style point heels or go for a simple one strap (no ankle straps). Because that dress is gold and white tones you can either wear gold or white shades or, pick a complementary colour like teal, royal purple or taupe even and highlight the dress with accessories in that shade. Nail varnish and a clutch is the easiest way to add a pop of colour. 

Still scared of the holograph trend? why not just start off small with a hologram varnish, belt, bag or heels that you can dress up with your normal wardrobe. 

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What's your take on holographs? 


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