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A Pirate's View Guest Post || Liquid Assets by Mazorin

Wow, it really feels like it's been a while since I last guest blogged, I suppose it has really been a while and I need to sort that out pronto. The truth is I've been busy working my ass off and starting before 9 am and finishing after 9 pm plays hell with the skin. Whether you're a man or a woman taking care of your skin is important, had you asked me a few years ago I would have been pretty blasé about the whole skincare for men issue but the truth is, it's skin and it needs some TLC.

I was recently sent these products to review and you know me and my reviews they're frank and to the point. I don't see the point in waving over issues if there are any in fact  - I didn't find one issue with these two Mazorin products which are huge. I also found some additional features that saw these two products go above and beyond any other products I've tried lately. 

First up is the Liquid Asset Working Late Eye Serum.  

The eye serum comes in a roller ball container that resembles a pen somewhat. Its aims are pretty obvious in that it works by reducing puffiness, fighting dark circles, refreshes and hydrates the gentle under-eye area. I initially presumed that this was going to be a pump type container like most eye serums but was pleasantly surprised by its metal roller ball head. 

Firstly the metal of the roller ball soothes instantly, even if you thought you had no puffiness believe me when I say you can feel it melt away when the metal touches your skin, rolling on the product your eye area will feel refreshed while the product sinks in quickly and easily. It's so simple to use that I do so twice a day; I found with other brands that the novelty tends to wear off quickly.  

The Working Late Serum costs £26 and can be purchased at Beauty Mart. 

Next up is the Anti-Fatigue Pre-Meeting Face Revamp gel. This is marketed for normal to combination skin types but the reality is it's going to be suitable for all skin types including drier skins especially if worn under a lotion or face serum. The surprise with this product was found upon opening it, 24 individually wrapped sachets of product - genius  You simply rip open, apply and go. 

The product is typically a gel, it's clear, cooling and easy to apply to the face and neck area and it contains espresso. Elyse told me to do a back of the hand test to see the benefits and believe it or not I did. My right hand is a typical man's hand, lined, worn and hairy, upon applying it to the left hand I found it had a priming effect (with no colour coverage) in that the lines seemed less deep and the whole hand seemed to look more balanced in colour and tone. 

These cost £19 and are a genius. I love the simplicity of these, the packaging and the use and go concept. I keep a few of these in my car glove box so I can refresh before area meetings as they do give you that wide-awake look. These are also available over on Beauty Mart who stock some awesome brands such as CB I Hate Perfume and Zelens Skincare. 


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  1. I’ve been using Dermalmd Under eye treatment serum for 2 weeks and it seems to have absolutely helped with my dark circle's problem. I am in reality quite amazed to see visible changes because I thought this serum was just another scam. I genuinely don’t have wrinkles or quality traces so I can’t say how effective it is for those problems. But it honestly reduces dark circles.


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