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Hunter Wellies & Weather For Ducks

Hunter are the 'it' brand when it comes to Wellington boots or 'wellies' as I call them. I've noticed more and more people wearing the brand and at first I was thinking 'why are they so popular, it's just a brand, after all, a welly's a welly is it not? 

Most wellies I've worn have been clumpy, do nothing for your style or leave you looking childish, make your feet cold and on most occasions wet and then they take an age to dry out. Seriously I never expected Hunter would be any different well, except the looking pretty part. 

Deciding what colour or style to go for took me 3 days. I am really that picky. There are tall ones and short ones, I opted for short because my legs are only 29'' I wanted to make sure I didn't look strange. I then had to factor in what colours my wardrobe is mainly and not forgetting my casual jacket, I have in the past purchased footwear only to find the colours don't go with anything I own *fail* I wasn't going to make the same mistake again. 

The short violet gloss was my final decision and I'm so glad I took those 3 days to choose because they are amazing. So did these bad boys impress me? where they worth the hype and the money? the answer to that would be a big fat YES. 

They're easy to pull on, they have lots of wiggle room in them but I do have to wear thick socks so don't size up; the insole is so soft and cushioned that my feet never get cold and so far they've yet to get wet - and that's with the short boot style. I'm so in awe with these (simple things make me happy). 

Imagine my delight when I woke up and it was raining cats and dogs. Here's a quick pick of my boots. 

Ta-da! I absolutely adore them I really do, I get super excited and high pitched when I talk about them and the sheer amount of people that has said 'oh where did you get them,' 'they're amazing,' and 'such a unique colour' has blown me away. I never expected to draw any attention with my wellies but it just goes to show how impressive they are in person. 

Here are some suggestions also for keeping warm and snuggly, keeping in mind they would look horrific if worn together. I chose these items because when the weather turns cold, gets dark or starts to rain or snow I always reach for my warmer jackets, loose jumpers and knitwear and of course my snood, hat and gloves. Are you ready to brave the cold once again? 

You can check out my Hunter wellies as well as the rest of the range over on the website HERE. They not only stock Hunters but also stock brands such as Converse, Vans, Mel and Mocks.  


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