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Illamasqua The Sacred Hour Collection

Illamasqua is the brand that continues to push the boundaries with artistic make-up and cosmetics. You want reliable neon lipstick? Illamsqua it. You want a molten metal eyeshadow? Illamasqua it.  

The Sacred Hour collection mixes the positive and negative - the light and the dark and resembles both the deep and gothic with the dainty fairy like the inspiration in my opinion. 

Take this quote for example which states: 

' The Sacred Hour is the time to release your inner warrior. Embrace new beginnings at daybreak and re-stroke the fire in your heart as the sun sets. Breathe in the elements, enhance your features, and express yourself. Find the courage, wisdom and power within.' 

That's so beautiful and inspiring and is the main reason why I decided to feature this collection. 

 New Reflection Palette (£34) - Nature's core elements expressed in one palette. Water-resistant formula, silky textures and shimmer finish with a long-wearing hold that's effortless to apply and blend.  Includes: 

Precipice - Soft Lemon 
Acute - Ash Taupe 
Graphica - Graphite Grey
Dart - Toasted Bronze 

♥ Velvet Blusher (£18) - Two radiant cream to powder blushers. This product delivers a fresh, long-lasting and wearable matte finish. Contains Mineral Mica and is available in two shades. 

Sleek - Dusky Coral 
Peaked - Dusky Rose 

♥ Lipstick (£16.50) - Versatile shades that can be worn to embody inner empowerment and confidence. Long wearing creamy matte finish in Shard which is a Red Violet. 

♥ Nail Varnish (£14.50) - Two complementing shades that capture dawn and dusk. Created to give a mystical finish while being chip resistant. 

Facet - Grey Crystal
Hemlock - Pale Opal Green 

♥ Lush Lash (£14.50) - Enchanting, feather-like false lashes to complete any look. 

Skin Base Lift (£16.00) - Illuminating and lifting this brightening concealer is infused with warm peach tones to flatter all skin tones. It corrects uneven skin tone, visibly lifts the eye area and gives a brightening effect to the skin. Available in six shades to suit all skin tones. 
This collection has had major hype across the bloggersphere so I am intrigued especially by the skin base lift. I've yet to try any of these products though so I can't give any sort of opinion on how well they work but so far Illamasqua has offered great excellent pigmentation. The cream based shadows creased easily on me and didn't last and their lipsticks are out of this world so I definitely want to try some of the Sacred Hour Collection. 

You can check it out over on the Illamasqua website HERE


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