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My Design || I'm Pimpin With Brabantia

Brabantia currently has a competition on called 'Pimp Our Print' in which they're asking the general public to design a print that could work on their canister range across the globe... Squeee! 

I love design, colour, packaging, and organisation so this was going to be right up my alley. I've always loved being creative and actually took Art at college as an HNC/HND. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to get my creativity on with work and my sons so my skills have become a bit lot lax. While I realise I most probably won't win my mum always said 'If you're not in it, you can't win it' so I've always put myself out there, it's the taking part that counts for sure and to be completely honest I've enjoyed pimpin a print or two for Brabantia. 

So what's the competition about and what can you win? 

The winner will receive a VIP trip for two to Milan and of course, global recognition as the winner's name will be on the canisters with your print - excited yet? 

You don't have to be an art major, artists, crafter or well anything special. You just need to have a drive to create some form of art, print or design. You can use any medium but keep in mind your final design must be uploaded online - you can of course scan in your work of art. 

The design must be 1000 x 435 and must be JPG format otherwise it will be rejected. When you've finished your design you need to name your work of art, I advise thinking of something before uploading because the name is just as important as the art. 

Brabantia kindly sent me a canister and some creative goodies to get me started, I at first wasn't sure if this was our entry or if I could only use the items they sent, I've since realised it's not and I'm so glad because physically designing the canisters with the neon pink is not really my style. I was starting to get disheartened. While I adore red and pink the OCD in me wasn't happy that the masking tape I'd used allowed the permanent marker to seep underneath and make the canister all smudgy.  

I uploaded my final entry this evening though so this canister above isn't my actual entry. It does show you what the canister looks like to give you a visual for your design. You can find my entry over on the website as it's now live. I'd LOVE you could hit 'vote' if you like it.  

Here's my design which I called Totem....

Go and get your thinking caps on, ask your children for inspiration, look in books, magazines, clothing, textiles, Pinterest and whatever you can to get those creative juices flowing (remember do not directly copy someone else's work because that's bad and very-very naughty). 

If you're not in it - you can't win it! 

Edit: This has now expired. 


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