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Joey Essex Launches Fragrance

Erm, okay. Where do I start with these *snorts* I actually feel a tad catty, bitchy even but I just dislike these so much. I'm not entirely sure what it is that turns me off but they just do - the My Girl especially. As you can see there are two fragrances being launched by Joey Essex at Tesco. 

My Girl for her and Fusey (fussy, fuse-y??) for him. My Girl has top notes of apricots, raspberries and bergamot, heart notes of jasmine and rose; and base notes of tonka bean, cedarwood, soft sandalwood and vanilla. On paper the notes sound lovely, I'm not starting to think it may be the bottle that turns me off and possibly the Joey Essex aspect too? My Girl also includes a promise ring, Joey himself wanted to give this to his fans as a keepsake...boke! 

Fusey is a fresh masculine fragrance with top notes of marine notes, sandalwood with a warm musk and amber base. The Fusey bottle looks so less garish than the My Girl but the name? I know Joey Essex isn't the brightest button but what is 'Fusey' is it suppose to be fuse, fussy or something else? 

Both fragrances cost £15.99 for 50ml and will be available at  Tesco


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