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Kevin Murphy Young Again Haircare

Kevin Murphy has created something genius in these two products I had to get that out of the way. Typically you get moisturising, detox, hydrating, cleansing and gentle shampoo's and conditioners but what you don't tend to see if shampoo and conditioner that work at slowing or combating anti-ageing symptoms in the hair. 

There are three products in the collection; Young Again Wash, Rinse and Masque. This blog post tackles the first two as I've yet to put the Masque to use (this week I promise). So here they are...

The bottles resemble cut gemstones and look chic in comparison to standard haircare bottles don't they. The most important part of the Young Again Rinse and Young Again Wash is the ingredients and how well they perform. 

The wash and rinse formula is infused with immortelle which is also called the 'everlasting flower', baobab seed which is a potent antioxidant and Australian fruit extracts. The range is designed to restore lustre, vitality, softness and shine to dry, damaged or weak hair types. Although my sons have normal hair and use this also - they love it. I'm all about anti-ageing and I really don't think you can ever be too young to start dealing with those issues. I'm hoping over time and once these have been thoroughly reviewed that I will see major changes. 

I know I keep banging on about ingredients but these two products smell absolutely amazing which is purely down to the ingredients. I would so purchase this if Kevin Murphy designed a perfume range or even a hair perfume range *hint hint* My sons love these also purely because of the funky bottles and that smell! 

So the main six ingredients are: 

Baobab Seed Oil - Improves elasticity and tone while pumping a ton of moisture into your hair. 
Orchid Flower - Rich in proteins which offer intense hydration and strength. 
Immortelle - There's a good reason why L'Occitane produced a range using this ingredient. It offers extraordinary healing and regeneration qualities while working as an antioxidant too.
Lotus Flower - This protects against moisture loss and is rich in proteins which leave your hair soft and supple. 
Kakadu Plum - A powerful awesome smelling antioxidant that repairs damage. 
Phospholipids - Creates a barrier to lock-in moisture. 
Bamboo -  Rich in proteins which strengthens while increasing shine. 

The Rinse and Wash cost £19.95 for 250ml, you only need a blob about half of the size of standard shampoo and it lathers tremendously. The scent also lasts all day and night and in the morning (or whenever you wash and then dry) your hair will be so soft - I promise. 

I went into reviewing these with high hopes purely based on the packaging and to be fair it hasn't disappointed at all. It's a great family shampoo, the colours are fun and it looks amazing sitting in my bathroom too. 

You can check the collection out over on their website or in local salons near you. 


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  1. Great review of Kevin.Murphy Young Again. I love this range for exactly the reasons you stated: brilliant anti-ageing properties and the long lasting irresistible scent. Here’s the link to my blog for a quick read: http://www.thesalonlook.com/blog/


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