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KIKO Eye Clics Infinity System

Being organised is being at peace. I feel an inner calm when things go right when everything tidy and I'm not frantically racing around trying to find things.  KIKO is releasing a new product that is genius for organisational maven like myself. 

Released on September 25th the new Infinity Eyeshadow Clics System will go on sale. It features four palette sized variations with 108 vivid eyeshadow options as well as a 'click in' to personalise the palette. The options of 96 infinity eyeshadows and 12 infinity+ eyeshadows allows you to really consider all sorts of events, looks as well as being able to pick and choose your eyeshadow finish - There are four finishes to choose from matte, satin, metallic and pearl. 

The Eye Clics cost £3.90 for a three palette, £4.90 for a four palette, £9.90 for a nine palette and £15.90 for a twenty-four palette. Infinity Eyeshadows cost £4.90 and Infinity+ Eyeshadows £6.90. 

I love this concept, click and choose mini palettes to pop in my handbag for Crimbo time or to re-apply before business meetings. Personally, I'm more of a satin or matte girl but if you loved one particular finish you can create your own custom palette of say, pearl shadows or shadows to create the perfect smoky eye or a palette for AW13 and a separate for SS14 for example. 

Once launched you can pick these up HERE over on the KIKO website. 


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