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Lee Stafford Haircare Range

I've been putting my Lee Stafford hair products firmly to the test over the last two months. Granted I haven't used them every single day which is why my blog post comes two months late as I really wanted to test them and ensure you get the best, honest and reliable reviews. 

I've tried plenty of branded and un-branded haircare products over the years - Most of us have to be fair and I'm no exception. Products in the past have either worked OK or have been horrendous. What I'm looking for is something that works noticeably well for my hair type and continues to work one to two months down the line. 

Most of the ones that have been pretty 'meh' have stopped being effective within weeks. This was the first time I had put this Lee Stafford range to the test and overall I'm very impressed - when it comes to hair care that's pretty huge for me. As you know my hair rarely plays fair, it's fine, flyaway, falls out easily and has no volume or oomph. I struggle to get any sort of healthy shine in it and with the exception of a few products nothing works. 

Here's a picture of my hair midway through using this range: 

It has shine, it looks soft and hydrated and doesn't look (or feel) greasy or limp - that's mega! it's all I ever ask for in a product and normally at this stage, good products have started to give-up-the-ghost. 

Here are the products I've been using. 

Leave in Treatment - I use this every night without fail. I think this has been one of the main reasons why my hair doesn't need conditioned every night. I spray it on and go to sleep, when I wake up my hair's all soft and shiny. It won't leave you with greasy spots or sections trust me on that. 

Shampoo - This shampoo contains a protein formula which has been called 'Pro-Growth' it basically fertilises your hair from within (oo'eerr) strengthening and protection with each use. This shampoo is a dream to use, it smells great and you really only need a little blob to get a good all round lather. My hair feels soft and clean in the morning with other brands it's pretty hit or miss; sometimes my hair ends up so lank, other times it's frizzy and greasy - never a good look. 

Conditioner - This also contains a Pro-Growth formula that helps to strengthen the hair from within. I didn't use this every day as my hair actually still felt soft where as I had to use every other conditioner every single day without fail as my hair would feel starch like otherwise. 

Retro Setting Lotion - Fantastic for up-do's and especially during hot and humid weather, this little baby stopped my hair from turning into a frizzy mess. It doesn't leave the hair sticky and gooey like other branded setting lotions and felt really natural weather my hair was up or down. It also holds a curl exceptionally well. 

There are a heap of other products in this range such as the Climate Control Spray, Sun Kissed Lightening Spray (hmmm), Dry Shampoo and Shine Serums. Prices range from £5.49 upwards and all products are available just now at Boots or in store. 


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