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LOLA Unveils En Noir AW13 Collection

Launching into M&S stores this September is the En Noir collection from LOLA. This will be their autumn-winter range and it features deep and rich pigment shades that will leave you with a strong statement eye, powerful pout or gothic nails. The main shades are deep purple, dark green, midnight blue, silver, burgundy, grey and rich pinks. 

En Noir collection consists of: 

  • Six Eyeshadows (£10) - Colours unavailable just now. 
  • Eye Pencil (£10) - Colour options unavailable just now. 
  • Lipsticks (£12 - There are two variations, Soft Embrace and Berry Crush. 
  • Lip Pencil (£10) - This comes in shade 'Autumn'. 
  • Lip Gloss (£10) - Available in Light Plum and Rusty Pink. 
  • Nail Varnish (£8) - Available in Dark Cherry, Pebbles and Stone Grey. 
I've yet to try this brand so would love to hear of any reviews you may have lovelies. The pricing is in the upper scale for what I would expect from M&S but I do know they're trying to improve their brand image with a lot of new collections such as PUR Minerals and Glamglow - Hopefully, LOLA ticks all boxes when it comes to testing it out. 

What do you think of this collection and ultimately the brand as a whole? 


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