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Lush | 2013 Halloween Products

Awwww how adorable! Halloween - Scary? it's all lies or at least in the case of Lush's newest products. Whenever I look at the pic above it just makes me smile and want Halloween to be here now, I am one of those Autumn and Halloween lovers for sure, it's my favourite celebration, to be honest. 

Coming out of the witchy closet so to speak I actually live for Halloween. I am a Wiccan it's my way of life and it's the way we bring up our boys. I actually had family members tried and ultimately killed in the Perthshire Witch trials here in Scotland way back in the 1700s and also Agnes Kelly was tried in the Prestonpans Witch Trials back in 1678 - crazy huh. 

Although I follow the reed and the way of life it doesn't define me which is why everyone always tend to say 'Oh you don't look like one of those Wiccans or witches' well nope I don't look like what the media perceives us to look like but I'm very much a modern hippy (sort of) deep inside. I just love my natural beauty, cosmetics and fashion too much to not care. I don't tend to bring it up not because I'm embarrassed or because I'm fearful of being perceived in a certain way but more because it's been a part of my life for so long it becomes a moot point. 

So coming out of the broom closet aside Lush's Halloween offerings have me excited, they will be available in-store and online on September 23rd. Included in the collection is: 

 The Vegan Pumpkin Bar (awwww) - This is a reincarnation of the brand's Mother's Day Mumkin and should be crumbled under the bath tap to reveal a vivid orange colour. It's fragranced with Ylang-Ylang and Orange flower also so it will be delicious! 

 Vegan Soot Ball Bath Bomb - This bomb contains Olibanum which is known for it's calming properties and features a burnt caramel scent and tonka absolute coupled with sandalwood oil - I NEED this is my life! 

 The Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb - This fragrance was created by Gorilla perfumer Simon Constantine, it dissolves to reveal a wine coloured centre with vanilla absolute, black pepper and patchouli oil scent. 

They all sound spook-tacular and will be available Lush website once released. I need me some Soot ball bath bomb asap. 

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  1. Aw yay, I am so excited for these!!! :D Although I wished the pumpkin smelled like pumpkin *sad face* but hey, what can you do? ^_^ The soot ball sounds amaaaazing!! :D
    I'm sorry to hear that some of your ancenstors were murdered!!! D: That is so horrible! :(

  2. Hello dear

    I am Collecting the new ideas for Halloween Product if you have latest 2013 ideas...then plz Share with me....


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