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Malibu | Hair Prescriptive Treatments

We recently had major issues with our water provider which resulted in sediment in our water which resulted in the bath being a nasty orange shade. Because of this, my hair really took a beating and was so dull and lacking lustre that I was over the moon when these Malibu C hair sachets arrived. 

Depending on where you stay water can, in fact, be bad for your hair? I fortunately live in a soft water area but it still comes with issues. Harmless H2O contains mega amounts of damaging deposits such as chlorine, magnesium, copper, silica, iron and lime. These minerals cling to the hair building up over time so that the hair becomes dull and resilient to beneficial products such as treatments, hair dyes and hair masks. 

These Malibu C treatment sachets contain a blend of fresh-dried vitamin c crystals that gently remove the mineral build-up - this results in soft, shiny and manageable hair which 'then' becomes receptive to colour and conditioning services. 

The sachets I have: 
  • Hard Water - Removes build-up restoring vitality, shine and softness. 
  • Swimmers - Naturally removes the harsh elements from swimming pools that damage and discolour hair. 
  • Blondes - Increases shine, infuses moisture and restores vibrancy. 
  • Colour Prepare - Gets the hair ready for colour absorption, coverage and retention. 
I've only used the Colour Prepare sachet so far and it's so easy to use. You pour the crystals into the palm of your hand, add some water and mix with your finger so it becomes paste-like. You then spread it over the hair and leave it. I found it went soft and bubble and my hair did feel ultra-clean but soft, I did think it was going to dry my hair out but it didn't. 

There are nine sachet treatments to choose from, the four I have and also Miracle Repair, Colour Correction, Scalp Therapy, Crystal Gel and Malibu Make Over. These cost £2.99 and are available from Sally Express


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  1. These sound like a great idea if not a little expensive - I live in a hard water area & my hair is so temperamental! I might give the hard water one a go :) xx


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