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Mavala Sublime Autumn Collection

There are so many amazing autumnal polish collections that have either just been released or are due out very soon. One of those collections is the Mavala Sublime collection, there are six polishes in this collection and I suppose it's similar to the Essie collection I posted on earlier but different also if that makes sense. 

Here's a quick collection shot, these do make the polishes look more pearlescent than they really are. 

This particular collection consists of a mix of soft nudes and warm brights. Its inspiration comes from chic and ladylike trends of the 1940s. A lot of consideration was put into the shades because Mavala wanted the nudes especially to be easily worn with all styles, fabrics, and trends. The collection, however, has been made to be completely wearable throughout the year too and not just autumn.  

The nudes are: 

  • Warm Grey - Soft sandy grey. 
  • Ivory Beige  - Pale pink/brown shade. 

Deeper-brighter tones: 

  • Twilight Blue - Deep grey based blue
  • Espresso - Dark chocolate brown. 
  • Poetic Rose - Bright cherry pink.
  • Amethyst - Bright purple. 

Did you know that Mavala is also suitable for vegans and are 5 free! that's pretty amazing if you ask me, as your swiping on your awesome colours you can be sure that no nasties such as formaldehyde are seeping into your body. 

I'm not entirely sure of the exact release date but as soon as I know I'll update you lovelies. 

What do you make of the collection? 


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