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Maybelline Cherry Me Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips were one of those ranges that were hyped to the absolute maximum. These lipbalms are majorly popular in the USA and the UK had been crying out for these for such a long time that it was like a wish had been granted when they finally arrived on UK soil. 

As soon as they did become available I kind of lost interest, the hype faded for me and I was neither excited nor bored of the brand. I knew I could get it anytime and because of that I never actually purchased any of the balms - my bad! 

There are a few various types and flavours, this is the Cherry Me version. I normally start with cherry in any balm range (if available) because a cherry balm tells me a lot about the rest of the range and the brand in general, I am VERY picky with my balms and have tried a ton of various flavours, brands and ranges over the years. 

Some are too hard you literally have to have muscles to get any on your lips, others are petroleum based (yuck) and some taste very synthetic and plastic like or leave your lips feeling gross. I expect my balm to be soft but sturdy oh yes I do like a sturdy balm in the sense of it lasting and gripping to my lips. I expect the flavour (well it's really the scent isn't it) to be life-like and non-cloying and I like durability, who has time to re-apply every five minutes? like seriously?? 

So is this any good? 

First off the packaging is cute, bright and definitely stands out. When raking in my bag I can find the Cherry Me balm easily. It's a typical twist-up balm and it is tinted, I found it took on a pink shade in certain lights and a red in others - the tinted colours looks gorgeous and is my latest go to for a quick but daytime slick of colour. 

There are three tinted balms out of the six Baby Lips range, Cherry Me seems to be the most tinted version. 

You can't really see the colour here but on the lips with them already being pinky-red the colours just enough to give you a pretty pout. As a balm I found this did have lasting power but not the 8 hours it's marketed as (Is there any balm that lasts that long?)

The negatives *sigh* I wish it contained SPF like the non tinted versions of course it's not a big enough negative to stop me from reaching for it, the downside to the Baby Lips is that they are indeed petroleum based. This maybe why my lips feel hydrated then dry as soon as the balm wears off, they don't just get dry but they actually sting somewhat. I find that happens with all petroleum based cosmetics which I actively try to avoid. 

Will I purchase any others? probably not due to the petroleum, it's one of those things I just can't stand. At the moment I'm happy to finish off my Cherry Me which is going to last a long time. These normally cost around £2.99 but I purchased this from ASDA of all placed for only £2.50. ASDA's have quite a few of them in stock including the non-tinted versions. 

Which Baby Lips is your favourite? 


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