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Maybelline Colour Sensation Popsticks Lipstick

How amazing are these lipsticks by Maybelline? These aren't new and they're available now across the internet so you can purchase now if you wished to do so. These are Maybelline's Colour Sensation Popsticks and they do really look like candy lipsticks. 

I purchased three out of the collection; 080 Cherry Pop, 010 Pink Sugar and 030 Pink Lollipop. Take a peek at how pretty they are. 

Amazing huh, Here they are again just for the sake of it. 

Left to Right: Pink Lollipop, Pink Sugar & Cherry Pop

So I thought these would work as a balmy hint of colour, they'd be soft - jelly like even but I was so wrong. They barely give any colour with the exception of Cherry Pop which gives the lips a hint of colour similar to what a tinted lip balm would. 

Here are the swatches although Cherry Pop actually does come off as being red rather than the orange shown on my arm. 

Top to Bottom: Cherry Pop, Pink Sugar & Pink Lollipop

I'm not hugely impressed by them BUT I am super impressed by their prettiness and packaging and because of that, I have to say they're keepers! These normally retail at over £7 but I purchased these in my Fragrance Direct mini haul for £1.99 each. Bargain huh? You can check them out also on the Fragrance Direct website HERE


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