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Most Reached For This Week

I started doing these types of posts a while ago but they fell by the wayside somehow, I wanted to start them up again because I don't really post about products I have or ones I use too much do I? I'm not sure if anyone actually wants to see what I've been reaching for but if you do I hope you enjoy this little post. 

Here's what I've been reaching for....

Lotil Cream - My sons all have super dry skin and the prescribed doctors emollient cream tends to be disgusting, too oily and doesn't work too great does it? Lotil I've found works and it works exceptionally well. We use it as a family on our tootsies, elbows, legs and hands and while it still has the scent of a typical emollient cream it doesn't leave us feeling greasy, caked and uncomfortable. I fully recommend this if you or any of your family have dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, allergies or basically any sort of skin complaints. 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lemon - No idea why it's called Lemon when it's actually a vibrant green shade. This eye pencil/crayon goes on very smoothly, doesn't crease and looks fab as a green smoky eye or as a chunky liner. 

MUA Lip Boom in OMG - Lipstick and highlighting gloss this is normally lighter than what I go for but it's so amazing on. I do mix it up by wearing either the lipstick alone or the gloss alone. If you love baby pink shades you're going to love OMG. 

Oriflame Master Curl Mascara - I recently blogged about this amazing mascara HERE. It's been my go-to mascara every day this week. 

Artdeco Eyebrow Pen - Amazing! I absolutely love, love, love the Artdeco brand simply because their products work so well. There's no additional hype, huge marketing and TV commercials because they really don't need it. This brushes on, blends in to the brows naturally and of course you can built up the tone to suit your brow colour. 

MUA Eyeshadow Trio in Sorbet - The eyeshadow goes on well for the low cost price, I can't wear this as an all-over shadow due to it being a shimmery finish, but for highlighting (and on the cheeks) the brow bone and corners of the eyes and waterlines it looks very pretty. 

What have you lovelies been reaching for? I'd love to get some new ideas for what products to try out. 


Statement: PR Samples and bought myself

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  1. The mua shadows looks so pretty! I've eyed up their trios for a while now, I definitely need to buy one on pay day! Great post xx


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