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Mocks || My Awesome Mocklite Drivers

It's colder now definitely Autumns come slightly earlier than expected and I've noticed that my old trusty ballerina pumps are cutting it with the damp weather. I've tried wearing my boots and as much as I adore boots they just don't go with my SS13 wardrobe that much... grrr! 

I have been slowly trying to upgrade my whole style and wardrobe but when you have kiddos it's not easy, money doesn't grow on trees and all that. I've ordered some new Hunter wellies and I ordered some new shoes but finding the 'perfect' shoes that you can pop on quickly to go to the school run (because I walk it) isn't easy. 

I found Mocks online while searching! oh yes, they are adorably cute and so perfect for this weather. 

These remind me somewhat of my Melissa shoes (here) which are flexible, waterproof and mould to my foot shape - I never get chaffing or blisters with those Melissa's but they have peep toes and peep toes and wet weather never mix too well. 

These are the Mocklite Driver's and like most other driving shoes these are made for comfort, most driving shoes look pretty old fashioned with with the bright colours and contrasting laces Mocks are definitely targeted towards the younger consumer. 

I know what you're thinking, they're bright but in person they really aren't that neon. They go with most of my wardrobe and as the darkness settles in these will bring a bright-pop to my overall style. I really adore them. 

I ordered the size four and they are perfect. I also ordered a four in my Hunter's wellies but they're slightly larger sized so I'd suggest ordering your actual size rather than sizing up or down. They feel like a second skin when I pop them on, they're waterproof, scuff-proof and you can change up the laces to suit your style and preferences. I know they're not going to be everyone's taste but if you're looking for some comfy, reliable but funky-assed shoes then I'd definitely recommend Mocks. 

Remember there are other styles and more demure colours to choose from... 

These cost £40 and are available at a range of sites such as the Mock website (here)

Edit: I gave up wearing these because they caused blisters as the rubber rubbed my heels constantly. I am gutted. 


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