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Nailberry // The Latest Nail Polish Brand

There are a few major players in the high-end nail polish field. Essie, Orly, Nails Inc, OPI and Butter London are the ones that come to mind (of course there are others) a new player has joined the ranks recently called Nailberry. Nailberry are a company that pride themselves in offering chic colours inspired by French je ne sais quoi and New York efficiency. Their formula is also four free! that means these awesome colours contain no formaldehyde, Camphor, Toluene and DPB - Butter London's only three free *nee-narr-nee-narr-ne-nar* 

I had a hard time picking two polishes I really did, it must have taken me at least two days and a heap of emails to my beautician cousin until I finally decided on these two...

Atlantic and Strawberry Jam. Strawberry Jam's described as being a red with a touch of fuchsia and Atlantic is described as being a deep blue, you know what's even more surprising? these swatches are actually only one coat!  I did initially think that Atlantic was going to be a dupe for Essie Go Overboard but when it dried I realised that Essie is slightly more of a teal than Atlantic. Some of the other shades I debated are these ones below. 

I still can't get Nut Cracker off my mind as well as the Pink Vintage, how amazing would those two look together? Nailberry is by far the best range of polish that I've tried and I am a fussy beggar when it comes to polish you know that. The two colours I chose are crème formula's, Nailberry do also have shimmers if that's what your preference is. Each polish offers a high gloss finish, high pigmentation, easy application as the formula is thick but dries super quick and it's tough on the nails too so there's no chipping after a few hours. 

They each cost £13.50 and are available over on the Nailberry website HERE if you fancy taking a peek at the gorgeous colours. 


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