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Nails Inc || Modern Art Collection

I adore Nails Inc and somewhere down our polish filled relationship I became 'loyal' to this brand. There are only a few brands I've ever felt that loyal connection to as I tend to have a need to jump about. You know to try and find the best products ever made and all of that jazz. Just because I'm loyal doesn't mean I'm not going to slate a product when it turns out oh-so-bad as in how the Beaded Polishes turned out - you can read that review here, if you missed it. 

This collection is described as being a matte full glitter coat which is how the Models Own Velvet Goth collection was described. This however, doesn't look the same on the nails (I think) just judging from the main image above. There are four polishes in the collection and here they are: 

Cromwell Road - Green, Black and Gold. 

Millbank - Blue, Black and Gold. 

St Martin's Place - Peach, Black and Gold. 

Bankside - Red, Gold and Black.

I'm not hugely drawn to this collection it feels like it's been done before although, the Bankside above is so-so pretty so I may eventually purchase that. Is it just me or does it look like it's pink, blue and purple with gold rather than red? Hmmm...

With everything Nails Inc offer some excellent freebie deals. If you spend over £35 on two or more products (not sale products) you can get your talons on this awesome gift set.

The Modern Art polishes cost £12 each and can be purchased now over on the Nails Inc website HERE. What's your thoughts and opinions on these 'matte' glitters? 

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