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National Women's Friendship Day || Top Female Blogger's Part 1

September 15th is National Women's Friendship Day - For me, that's pretty damn important. I really believe that we female-types should support each other, especially in the blogging world. There tends to not be enough ladies who do believe in this or at least act on it. 

To support this fantabulous (yip it's so fant-a-bulous) day I wanted to show my support by highlighting 50! awesome female bloggers who continue to work their butts off, inspire, create and generally rock the awesome-ness that is being female. I know it's only just September but I really believe that this sort of day should last for as long as possible. I do plan to connect with many awesome ladies up until the 15th (and afterward of course - maybe- if they have chocolate or something). 

Because of the sheer amount in this list, I plan to split it into two parts. So for part one here's my top twenty-five in no particular order. Show your support, pay it forward, tweet, blog, speak to a lady you love, who inspires you or simply who's awesome today, tomorrow and the next day onwards. 

That's Peachy - Tor's style is very attainable, I love how she blogs about her unique style without coming across as being snooty. Lovely blog, clear to follow and updated regularly. 
Hey Nice Nails -  I fangirl this blog all over the social interweb. The nails produced far excel any other nail artist *in my opinion,* 
A Beautiful Mess - They lie - it's not really a mess. Recipes, crafting, fashion this blog is really a magazine that makes me want to improve myself in so many ways. 
Georgia Hathaway - High fashion at it's best. If you love celebrities and keeping up to date with the what's what in the fashion world, this blog is for you. 
Of Life And Lacquer - I actually have nail envy, her nails are so perfect. Plentiful swatch-porn going on in this blog. 
London Beauty Queen | Straight talking beauty reviews and interesting posts without the cliquey snootiness that some bloggers give off. 
Mr. Kate | She's so Kool! (so cool it called for a capital K). The queen of being hip Mr. Kate posts about life, DIY, style, home and well everything in between. 
Buy Now Blog Later | Beauty blog review but she blogs about the cool stuff. I also love her clear photo's. 
How About Orange - The ultimate procrastinating blog. 
Kate Lavie - She's from Glasgow! I can't not love a good Scottish beauty and fashion blog. 
Victoria's Vintage | Aww she's such a darling. Vintage, Shabby Chic, Cakes, Style and Beauty are what you'll find over on Victoria's blog. 
Oh Little Red | Lauren's a sweetie and regularly posts about beauty and fashion. 
The Decorista | Chic, sophisticated, design. Another beautiful blog that makes you want to move into a castle, or penthouse or well anything chic really. 
Peace, Love Shea - Style at it's best, this blog is more high fashion but it's still inspirational even to use mere budget beauties. 
Essie Lalonde | Canadian Essie blogs about beauty, life, and food but mostly beauty. Her photos are attractive and clear and the blogs just an overall delight to peruse. 
Cupcakes and Cashmere | I actually bought her book before reading her blog. I was attracted by the pretty cover but really love the book. It's definitely a lifestyle blog with style, beauty, fashion, and food all mixed in good measures. 
Everything Fab | Wow this blog is suave (said slowly). Table dressings, styling up your home, wardrobe and everything else. The pictures look like they've come straight out of Vogue Living Magazine. 
I Spy DIY | Style and DIY and even posts about how to DIY your style. 
My Girl Thursday | Pretty things and baking. What's not to love? 
P.S I Made This | If you love a good wishlist this blogs for you. It's colourful, clear and inspiring. 
Oh, So Pretty the Diaries | This is like the blog version of all those handy and interesting Pinterest pins, but done well and done with clear pictures. 
Bakerella | The queen of all things sweet and sugary. She continues to amaze me with your baked delights.  

So for the next two weeks I urge you to pay-it-forward. Do something nice for someone for no reason, honestly it will make their day all warm and fuzzy and your karma will be bitching. Support female-types - Hug a Female Today! 

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  1. Such a nice and supportive blog post. Loving it! And I'm always searching for new ones to follow so I shall get clicking! x


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