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National Women's Friendship Day || Top Blogging Ladies

Part two-part two-Ra-Ra-Ra! 

If you missed part one you can check it out HERE. In aid of all things female and awesome, I wanted to celebrate National Women's Day (September 15th) by showing my support for some amazing blogging lay-dees. 

Take a peek: 

Style Rawr - These girls are rawr-tastic. Jade and Tara are both style bloggers but are so different you just can't be drawn in. 

Media Marmalade - Mega wardrobe envy this girl has the best clothing. She's also a style blogger winner. 

Briar Rose - UK fashion blogger Briar is so ethereal and beautiful that her outfit posts never get dull. 

What I Wore - Obviously this is a style blog, Jessica's style is gorgeous and reminds me somewhat of a French woman's style. 

Miss Budget Beauty - Another Mumma bear so of course you know she's awesome. Thrifty beauty buys with a twist of a designer. 

Kandee J - The online celeb that is Kandee Johnson also has a blog (well a few) this one is a lifestyle blog. Behind the scenes in the day and life of Kandee with some awesome tips added in for good measures. 

Carly Watts Art & Illustration  - Carly does amazing Blogger illustrations check out some of her work. 

What Lozzie Did - Lozzie's a great all-round-blogger, life, food, home and beauty. Go visit her. 

All Things Beautiful - I also interviewed the lovely Beth from All Things Beautiful. Take a peek here

That's So Yesterday - She has amaz-ing hair! aside from that she blogs about beauty, fashion and life, and her swatches are always clear and close up. 

Lilly Pebbles - I think every blogger knows about Lily, she's definitely a pro-blogger who loves beauty. Her blogs very professional and her pictures are magazine quality. 

Tiny Twisst - She's won blog awards, she's a doll and she blogs mainly about fashion. If you have jealous tendencies don't visit - (but serious do visit!)  

The Inside Out Beauty - Heidi's such a doll, I don't think she realises just how pretty she is. You'll find beauty, tips, tricks, and vlogs over here. 

A Thrifty Mrs - This is a lifestyle blog with the most drool-worthy food photos. Seriously I'm hungry now. 

Chic Geek Diaries - She's another doll, we both stressed over our inability to buy our ASDA shopping online. That is pretty mega issues to be fair. She's a Mumma bear with a baby bear, well baby bear's still in her belly, go view her blog even just to watch the bear kicking. 

Frock Me I'm Famous - I love this blog names play on words. Fashion, beauty and she has the most amazing long hair. 

Tolly Dolly Posh - France based Tolly blogs about life, beauty, thrifting and generally her awesome life. Oh did I say she's a kid blogger and my son loves her? 

Kitch n Sync - Vintage-styled beauty blog but she blogs about products no-one else is - this keeps her current and interesting. Love this blog. 

Leopard in Leather XO - Fashion, leather with a twist of lifestyle, beauty, and awesomeness. 

You know the drill lovelies. Go visit, comment, Tweet, chat. Hug a female today! 


Statement: Nothing to disclose


  1. Thank you for including me - you are so sweet! xxx

  2. This has made my day, thank you for including me :) xo

  3. Thank you so much lovely :) this is the nicest thing :) x

  4. THanks so much for this, its really put a smile on my face. xxx


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