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Nutra-Nail Gel Perfect Nail Polish

I'm a huge fan of gel polish manicures and even plumping topcoats. There's nothing more elegant than seeing that plumped up the colour on your nails and smooth glossy finish that just makes you feel very ladylike. I know that's how I feel anyway. 

The only thing that I dislike with gel polish mani's is the drying effect they leave on the nails when they peel they peel like a beast pulling away from healthy nail layers with it. My nails were so dry and damaged from getting gel polishes that it has taken me well over a year to get to the point of wearing nail varnish on my nails again. 

I recently heard talk of a nail polish that was actually a gel polish, the only thing was you didn't need to fork out a ton of money buying the setup and you didn't need to have a UV lamp to cure the gel - say what? I was all over it getting this. 

Gel Perfect is a gel polish with no expensive setup or no need for a UV lamp. It's really simple to use and comes in nine colours (I believe). I actually ended up with the Sugar Plum shade which is a very dark Gothic plum shade. 

Inside the packaging, there's the polish, activator and a brush cleaner. The results are supposed to leave your fingers with a 'Brilliant Patent Leather Shine.'

Here's a little video to show you how to apply this because it can be a tad confusing.


OK so this does leave a glossy plump look to the nail but it's not quite the same as a real UV cured manicure with say Gelish but, it's easy to apply (however other blog reviews disagree) you just need to ensure you do one thin coat, then re-apply with a thicker coat super quickly. Lasting power is pretty much the same as saying a Nails Inc with Nails Inc top coat or similarly OPI with OPI topcoat. 

Here's a swatch of the polish, you can't really tell how glossy it is from this pic: 

You can check out the Gel Perfect range over on the Boots website HERE and also in-store. 


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