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Oriflame | Master Curl Mascara

Oriflame have a new mascara *yay* I've been loving mascara's again since my lashes grew with the Rapidlash (and continue to get stronger), now that I feel I have normal lashes it's become a delight trying out new mascaras. I've tried plenty of 'meh' ones and a few stand-out awesome ones including this mascara. 

This one is called 'Master Curl' and for a very good reason but we'll get to that, the formula is blacker than black and it's of a medium consistency which is great because if it's too thick it flakes and too thin it tends to smudge.

The packaging's cute (big tick!) and the brush, well it's simply fandabbydosey with a cherry on the top. Take a peek, 

The bristles really grip each lash and the curve works in a similar way to what an eyelash curler would, it really curls those lashes; I've yet to find another brand with a brush as awesome as this one. It's said that the results are supposed to last for 14 hours but in all honesty, I wasn't wearing it for that long, I tend to remove all makeup as soon as I'm in for the night. For the time I was wearing it they looked just as fresh as they did upon application, my eyeshadow, on the other hand, didn't fare so well. 

I didn't have any flaking, smudging or eyelashes falling after using this mascara - I usually have plenty of lashes fall out with other brands including my YSL. I'm not sure if it's because this particular mascara contains Vitamin E, beeswax and carnauba wax and the others don't or if it's just coincidence. 

Currently, the Master Curl Mascara is on offer at only £5.95 but it will be £8.95 from September 28th (which is still value for money in my opinion). 


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