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Orly Pretty in Pink Collection

The more Orly I see the more I truly fall in love with this brand. I was sorting out my mahoosive polish collection as it's getting out of hand, I figured I would do a polish blog sale so they didn't go to waste. Anyway, the moral of this story was that I just couldn't part with any of my Orly or OPI polishes. Nails Inc, China Glaze and even Essie were easy to part with but not Orly. 

This October they are debuting their Pretty in Pink collection to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Good for you Orly! I'm all about supporting this awesome charity any way I can. 20% of each sale is donated and each polish costs £10.80 (full size). 

Colours available: 

  • Fight On - This is the one on the left. It has smaller glitter pieces and is a red-pink. 
  • Pink Your World - Pink and white confetti style glitter. 
  • You Are Not Alone - Smaller brighter pink glitter. 

You can pick these up HERE once they're released. I love the You Are Not Alone glitter, how cute's that little charm. 


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