Orly Surreal - Prepare to be Blown Away

I said last night 'Elyse calm with the polish posts' and even 1 hour ago I was adamant I was only going to post one polish post but... I couldn't. 

How could I not share this collection with you lovelies? It's outstanding in every way. This collection consists of three shimmery shades, a duo-chrome effect polish and two cream shades (love a good cream shade). Although this is an autumn collection to me it feels like there are fewer autumn leaves and more Halloween-Crimbo par-tay time! and that's not bad. 

Included in the collection is: 

  • Teal Unreal - Creamy deep blue teal. 
  • Pink Waterfall - Creamy soft candy pink.
  • Angel Rain - Pale blue duo-chrome petrol effect. 
  • Purple Poodle - Cherry pink with shimmer. 
  • Pixie Powder - Pink and lavender shade with a silver shimmer. 
The good news (yes there's more) is that this collection is available NOW! ow-yeah doing the happy dance right now. I know I'll be purchasing the whole mini collection for sure. 


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