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Paint The Town Red With Vaseline

So apologies that I won't be blogging as much today as most days. I literally felt like I was going to have to call 999 last night but as it seems I'm running  a fever and thyroid issues and awaiting to see if I have diabetes - it's all fun and games. So if there are a ton of typo's I duly apologise lovelies. 

Do you know we cannot credit any specific person for inventing cosmetics? Here's another factoid for you - Cleopatra use to use crushed ants and beetles to colour her lips red, gross but fascinating isn't it? 

Vaseline are offering up their limited edition 'Paint The Town' red lip tint which is fab for red lip lovers, I'm pretty sure I'd rather wear this than crushed bugs. It's limited so is only available exclusively from Selfridges from today *yay* and everywhere else later on in the month. I'd be sure to snap this up asap. 

The balm features a light red hue which gives the lips a hint of rouge, it also contains a spiced berry flavour so you're either going to love it or hate it - personally I love the concept.  It's priced at £3.49 and you can check it out HERE.

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