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Palmer's Skin Rosehip Therapy

Rosehips are generally added to premium branded skincare, they really are one of those miracle anti-ageing ingredients and are generally what makes a products price skyrocket, but what are they and why do they cost so much? 

Chances are you walk past rosehips every single day. Your son or daughter may even play with them and you may have had them lobbed at you while travelling by bus or car. Rosehips are those red 'itchy bombs' that you see decorating the green bushes around this time of year. During the summer you will see the dog rose petals that you may have picked to make perfume with but as the leaves fall the rosehips get plump and red. You may have squished these until they burst open as a child, those itchy hairy seeds inside may have been placed down your back or you may have done it to someone else. Did you know most itching powder includes those little seeds but crushed? 

So rosehips we know what they are but why are they so good for our skin? 

Rosehips are filled to the brim with vitamin c and are one of the richest plant sources available, during the world war 2 the fruit flesh was eaten to ensure soldiers stayed healthy. They also contain Vitamin A which is necessary for healthy collagen production and vitamin B helps to boost circulation and give your skin that healthy glow. Essential fatty acids, antioxidants and lycopene are all stuffed in there too. 

While these hips sound all scientifically amazing they also lead to visible positive changes too. Miranda Kerr's a huge rosehip oil fan and she lathers it on every night. It can also help improve acne and pimple prone skin as well as working to restore elasticity and plumping up deflated skin. But wait, don't go forking out a ton of money for rosehip products because Palmer's have realised the benefits of this ingredient and have created their new Rosehip Skin Therapy Oil.
 I recently blogged about the classic version of the spray oil HERE and I honestly adore it. 

This product contains a light floral fragrance and is made from a base of sesame and canola oils combined with cocoa butter and vitamin E. Premium rate brands would have charged you an absolute fortune for those ingredients simply because they can - the ingredients work and they work so well that you're bound to notice visible changes. 

The Rosehip Skin Therapy Oil costs £5.99 for 60ml or £9.99 for a whopping 150ml. It's suitable for all of the family too so you simply can't go wrong with it. It's available at the usual places such as Boots and I am going to get mine this weekend for sure. 


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