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Pur Minerals | 4-in-1 Compact

I adore PUR Minerals because they work so well on my skin, are super pigmented as well as being much more gentle on my face than other brands. I actually hated my last face powder which was by The Body Shop so I'm pleased that the PUR works so well as it's difficult to find a good match for my ghost-white skintone. 

So this is the 4 in 1 compact which cost £24. Look how pretty the design is, I love the simple style of it because it looks chic it's a delight to pull this out honestly I'm like 'oh yah this is my compact' (well not really). 

I have the light shade but there's six shades in total though so chances are you're going to find a colour to blend well with your skintone. The formula contains SPF15 *yay* and works to plump, lift and balance uneven skin-tones while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles - it sounds too good to be true doesn't it but honestly it really does make a heap of a difference.  

I apply my powder with the PUR Chisel brush, it has a stubby end which is fandabeydosey at applying and blending minerals and powders so you're not left with any tide marks or splodges. My sons also try to steal it because the brush is so soft and they like to tickle their cheeks with it, if you have kids beware they will try to steal this brush.  

You can check out PUR Minerals over on Marks & Spencer's HERE now did you know that? The Chisel Brush is HERE and the Compact is HERE


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