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Queen Latifah Becomes Ambassador for Pantene

Queen Latifah was named Pantene's newest Brand Ambassador which may not seem that interesting to some but for me this was mega. I adore this lady, she's always been one of my favourites in the celeb world and I've always opted to watch her films when they've been on. 

Procter & Gamble commented saying 'Queen Latifah not only exudes inner and outer beauty, but she is a brilliant business woman who shines in every aspect of her work. We believe her strong, playful personality and passion for life resonates with women. Her honest and approachable attitude makes her a perfect addition to the Pantene family. Women really listen to her, her opinion matters.' 

I agree with that statement, she is an inspiration in the best way. Hard worker, down to earth approach to life, comfortable in her own skin and doesn't fall out of taxi's with her knickers showing. She seems to be a determined cookie and for that I totally commend her. One of my favourite films ever is The Secret Life of Bee's which she stars in alongside Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keyes and Jennifer Hudson. If you have yet to see it I urge you to do so - it's amazing but so heart-warming too. 

Some random facts about her: 
  • Queen Latifah was born Dana Owens
  • The 'Latifah' was a childhood nickname, it actually means delicate and sensitive in Arabic. 
  • She comes from a police background. Her father and brother were in the police. 
  • She is a Co-CEO of Flavour Unit which is a management company. 
  • She use to work at Burger King. 
  • Was quoted as saying : "I wish every woman would love herself and embrace what she was given naturally." (Woman's World, 2005)

Totally random facts I know, I tend to be full of random facts so watch out for more random rubbish that may win you some trivia points in some random pub quiz lovelies. What do you think of this collaboration? Do you think she actually uses Pantene? I wonder which shampoo type she uses? 


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