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Revlon Nail Art French Mix Polishes

Revlon brought these out a while ago but this is the first time I've actually wanted to try them.  I blogged before about my inability to get excited over Rimmel, Revlon and L'Oreal polishes I'm thinking it's simply due to the over-saturation of seeing the brand growing up, I also found that the formula's were the same across each brand with the exception of L'Oreal Colour Riche polish which I absolutely adore so I had hoped these would change my mind and overall perception like the Colour Riche's did. 

I have Over The Moon and All The Rage French Mix polishes, these are duo polishes that come in fun shades that compliment each other. The idea is that the colours can be worn individually as well as being worn together in say a French polish type look, some have worn them as stand-alone products and other's have worn them as mani's with say the ring finger in a different shade. 

Take a peek at All The Rage...

I know these are supposed to be French polish style but the purple (left) on its own as a base and the shimmery green (right) make the overall look turn out like a duo-chrome look when placed on top of each other. Of course you could opt for the green shimmer base but to be honest it just doesn't look great on its own. It's so grainy looking and thin and has no oomph - as though it's heavily lacking in some much-needed pigments. 

The purple although it was opaque in two coats the brush was a real pain in my ass. The bristles had split for some strange reason so when I went to brush it on the split bristles kept brushing polish onto the other nails Grrr! there's nothing I can do to fix that unfortunately and it really put me off the polish quickly. 

Here's Over The Moon...

The blue-teal shimmer is really pretty BUT I'm not a huge fan of shimmer polishes, this, however, is a fab dupe of Essie's Trophy Wife. Over The Moon was one of the most popular colour options in this range and there were so many bloggers that felt let down by it. 

I have to agree with the reviews. Although the colours are pretty they're nothing special. The brush is too long and thin so it leaves the polish streaky, the pink is really nice but it looks grainy and the pink swatch above too a good three coats and could have done with a fourth. 

Overall these are OK. If you're starting out into the world of polish, have teen's or just want a cheaper option with a good array of colours then you're probably going to love it. If you are a bit of a polish snob like I am and really expect a lot when you're probably not going to be impressed. 

These however only cost me £1.99 which is great value for money, I purchased them from Fragrance Direct HERE in a recent mini haul. What do you think of the colours? Have you tried these polish duos before? 


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